Peniel Tabernacle Rodrigues Island

Rev William Marrion Branham, "a man sent from God"



"Trusting that some glorious day that we won’t have to travel like this to meet each other.

But wanting to make an appointment with each of you, that after it’s all over,

how I would like to go home with each of you tonight, stay all night with you,

get up in the morning and talk of the things of God,

and the fellowship that we could have around the Word of God in your home.

And be there, and eat with you, and fellowship, I just can’t do it; because the harvest is

ripe and the time is close at hand. So I must be going on. But someday I want an

 appointment with you, that we’ll set down in another Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Father,

on the other side. And then we’ll just have forever to be together."
                        William Marrion Branham 57-0127E Blind Bartimaeus










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Rodrigues(Pastor Zacharie Leveque)

Grande Montagne: Sun 9.30 am

WED 5.30 pm

Grande Montagne :Wed 5.30 pm



Coromandel(sunray) :

Sun 10.00 am (Pastor Nanda Chetty)

Wed 5.30 pm

Forest Side :

Sun 10.00 am (Pastor Ashock Veeramah)

Wed 5.30 pm

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